Create more accurate Computer Vision with high-quality data

We can help you:
Collect large volumes of high-quality image and video data — fast
Improve AI accuracy with a reliable data pipeline, customized for your use case
Ensure that data is collected according to current legal and regulatory standards
Get the data you need for your AI to succeed
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“We were amazed at the level of data quality and consistency that LXT delivered. Based on our experience with other vendors our expectations were low, but LXT delivered such high quality in record time that we quickly expanded the size and scope of our video data collection project”.

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Get the high-quality data you need – fast and at scale – to power your next AI innovation
Don't jeopardize your AI with bad data. With our 100% data quality guarantee, if you're not satisfied, we'll work with you to achieve the data quality that you expect.

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Reliable AI data at scale — guaranteed

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