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September 14, 2022
Translation, Localization And The Many Paths To AI Innovation
July 21, 2022
Phil Hall, Chief Growth Officer at LXT – Interview Series
July 05, 2022
Après avoir expérimenté l’IA, les grands comptes US cherchent un ROI
June 30, 2022
LXT expands secure facilities and workforce globally | AI-TechPark
June 30, 2022
LXT expands secure facilities and workforce globally
June 16, 2022
Operationalizing Ethical AI: From The C-Suite To The Data Pipeline
June 14, 2022
LXT Report Highlights Importance of High Quality Training Data for AI Initiatives
June 10, 2022
Key Findings From LXT’s “The ROI of High-Quality AI Training Data” Report
April 11, 2022
Financial services companies demonstrate high level of AI maturity, says LXT report
February 27, 2022
LXT Introduces new executive survey, the path to AI maturity
February 23, 2022
The path to AI maturity – a new executive survey from LXT
February 23, 2022
70% of Enterprises Are Spending $1 Million or More on AI, Finds LXT
February 22, 2022
Report: 70% of orgs are spending $1M or more on AI
February 22, 2022
New Survey from LXT reveals current AI maturity levels within US organizations
February 14, 2022
13 tested tips for gathering internal feedback to build effective tech tools
December 20, 2021
A Look at the challenges and benefits of building a truly global startup in a dynamic, high-growth market
November 15, 2021
16 Strategies for finding and recruiting the best tech talent
September 07, 2021
AI Career Notes: September 2021 Edition

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Emerging global AI training data leader responds to increasing demand with expansion of its capabilities to support over 750 language locales.

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First annual study finds that AI investment is strong across mid-to-large US organizations, 40% have reached high levels of AI maturity, and quality training data is a key component.
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LXT to capitalize on massive opportunity in AI training data with agile and customized solutions, expanded management team and exclusive partnership
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