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Text annotation for AI

Text annotation is the process of creating metadata in the form of labels for text data by tagging keywords, phrases, and sentences so that machine learning models can understand and communicate with humans using natural language.

Text annotation is used to train NLP algorithms used in chatbots, automated speech recognition (ASR) systems, search engines, virtual assistants, and more. It is also used to automate document reviews and to extract insights from large databases of information. To ensure accuracy, it is critical to work with native speakers so that the AI solution being developed will work effectively in the target market.


LXT for text annotation

With LXT, you can quickly build a reliable data pipeline to power your text-based solutions and focus on building the technologies of the future. The combination of our annotation platform, managed crowd, and quality methodologies deliver the high-quality data you need so you can build more accurate AI solutions and accelerate your time to market. Every client engagement is customized to fit the needs of your specific use case.

Our text annotation
services include:


Dialogue analysis

Classify utterances with respect to the function they serve in a dialogue.

Named entity tagging/NER

Identify and classify named entities presented in text documents.

Grammatical markup

Provide a description of the text, or data about features of the text formatting and structure.

Sentiment annotation

Label text based on attitudes and emotions reflected in the text.

Intent classification

Understand the type of action conveyed in the text and assign it to categories such as a request or command.

Text summarization

Create summaries of large text blocks while maintaining the context of the information.

Language analysis

Analyze text for various attributes including context, tone and more.
High-quality data annotation

Secure services

With the accelerating volumes of data created daily and the number of potential threats on the rise, security is an increasing area of concern for organizations across all industries. Our platform and processes are designed to ensure the security of your data.

To meet the most stringent security requirements, our facilities are ISO 27001 certified and PCI DSS compliant. We also offer supervised transcription within a secure facility to safeguard your data. We will work closely with you to design a secure solution that meets your needs.

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