Speech and Natural Language Processing

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the field of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to understand text and speech in ways that mimic humans. NLP technology allows computers to process text or voice data and “understand” its meaning, including the intent and sentiment behind it.

The nuance and ambiguity of human language creates challenges when it comes to interpreting the exact meaning of text or speech. For systems that are driven by natural language to be useful, they need to be taught to recognize and understand these nuances from the early stages of their development.

Effectively expanding these solutions into new markets requires training them with speech data that is collected from and transcribed by native speakers who have the cultural context to provide the right level of accuracy. Otherwise, solution developers risk creating products with an inferior user experience which will decrease their rate of adoption.

Speech and NLP
solutions include:


Automated speech recognition (ASR) systems


Customer service chatbots


Digital assistants


In-car systems such as voice-operated GPS or entertainment systems


Speech-to-text software

Annotation & Enhancement - AI Data

Data to power your Speech and NLP solutions

LXT can help ensure that your Speech and NLP solutions get the high-quality data they need to deliver the optimal experience for your customers. Whether you are looking to benchmark your solution or expand into new languages, our custom data collection and data annotation services allow you to develop more robust solutions.

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Classify sounds from various sources to improve the accuracy of your NLP models.
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Get large volumes of data fast across multiple data types, including speech, text, image and video.
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Text annotation is the process of creating metadata in the form of labels for text data.
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Transcription is used to help train and validate algorithms depending on the type of solution being built.
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