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When building a Generative AI solution, ensuring that its output is accurate, ethical and responsible should be a top priority to build trust with customers and users. Human feedback is essential to evaluate the data used to train your machine learning models, both in the product design phase as well as in the tuning phase after the solution has been launched into the market.

To ensure that machine learning models produce content that is accurate, comprehensive and reflective of different styles and contexts, data quality and diversity should be prioritized. AI must also be evaluated to identify and mitigate bias, offensive language or inappropriate content, particularly with customer-facing applications. After launching a product, robust evaluation metrics and mechanisms for gathering user feedback are important to provide input for model improvement iteratively and allow for continuous improvement.


Data to power your Generative AI

LXT can help ensure that your Generative AI solutions have the high-quality data needed to deliver the optimal experience for your customers. From collecting data in multiple modalities - including speech, text, image and video - to annotating and evaluating data at scale, we provide solutions that help manage bias using a diverse group of contributors that maps to your domain. We also provide a 100% guarantee on our data quality to ensure we are meeting your organization’s quality standards.

LXT Generative AI services

Data collection


Data collection for fine tuning language models

Collect and generate data for precise and accurate LLMs and SLMs.

Expert resources 

Build high-quality, domain-specific datasets with access to experts across a wide range of domains.

Data collection for language model expansion

Expand your LLMs and SLMs and extend into new markets with language data from over 1000 language locales.

Image & video data collection

Collect high-quality image and video data at scale to improve the output of your generative AI and enhance your VLMs (Vision Language Models).

Domain-specific text creation

Create text according to a specific domain including legal, medical or finance to train your vertical-specific AI product.

Audio and speech data collection

Collect natural-sounding speech to improve your voice AI and create emotional text-to-speech.

Prompt creation/fine tuning 

Create and fine tune natural language prompts that reflect the various ways that users would interact with your AI solution.

Adversarial prompting

Craft prompts deliberately designed to reveal bias and misinformation and expose vulnerabilities in your language models.

Data annotation


Semantic chunking

Break down text into meaningful parts for efficient Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

Image/video description, captioning, and correction

Create natural language inputs to improve generative text-to-image models.

PII redaction

Find, redact and replace personally identifiable information from datasets to ensure data privacy for your customers.

Text & speech annotation

Labelling and classification of text and speech inputs to enhance and personalize your interactive AI agents.

Toxic language identification

Identify and remove offensive language from your AI product to improve the customer experience.

Multimodal AI annotation

Enhance Vision Language Models (VLMs) and text-to-image search through annotation and classification across all data modalities.

Image & video annotation

Label image and video data using various methods including bounding boxes, keypoint annotation, semantic segmentation and more.

Data evaluation


AI red teaming

Evaluate your language models (LLMs, SLMs, and VLMs) for inclusion, bias, hallucinations and more with human-in-the-loop services. Find and address vulnerabilities in your models before they move into production.

RLHF services

Access human insights across a diverse pool of contributors to improve model accuracy and performance while ensuring inclusivity and minimizing bias. LXT will help you develop the optimal success metrics and evaluation criteria, then rate accordingly to optimize model accuracy.


Quality & accuracy assessment

Evaluate the quality and accuracy of your generative AI to create an user experience that is culturally nuanced and aware.

Language model benchmarking

Use human feedback to compare your solutions to your competitors according to custom criteria. 

Ethical AI assessment

Use human feedback to assess the quality of your AI’s output with people from a wide range of demographic profiles to maximize diversity and inclusion.
High-quality data annotation

Secure services

With the accelerating volumes of data created daily and the number of potential threats on the rise, security is an increasing area of concern for organizations across all industries. Our platform and processes are designed to ensure the security of your data.

To meet the most stringent security requirements, our facilities are ISO 27001 certified and PCI DSS compliant. We also offer supervised transcription within a secure facility to safeguard your data. We will work closely with you to design a secure solution that meets your needs.


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