Conversational AI

Improve user satisfaction, increase efficiency and expand into new markets

AI requires data

Organizations across industries are creating Conversational AI strategies to connect with customers and employees, improve engagement and drive efficiency. Whether the technology is used to help customers make purchase decisions, increase the accessibility of your business, or to simplify life at home, Conversational AI has the potential to transform customer service, commerce and more.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used in Conversational AI to improve its ability to perform tasks in response to human interactions by understanding the intent in human language and analyzing sentence structures to determine the best response to a human query. High-quality training data is key to ensuring that the NLP algorithms deliver accurate results.

AI solutions include:




Voice assistants


Conversational banking


Virtual assistants


Customer service agents

Annotation & Enhancement - AI Data

Data to power your Conversational AI

LXT can help ensure that your Conversational AI solutions have the high-quality data needed to deliver the optimal experience for your customers. From collecting utterances in over 1000 language locales and more than 145 markets to providing high-quality transcription, we can provide you with the robust and reliable data pipeline you need to create accurate Conversational AI.

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Audio annotation
This data annotation type is essential for building accurate natural language processing (NLP) models for a wide range of speech-based solutions.
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Get large volumes of data fast across multiple data types, including speech, text, image and video.
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Text annotation is the process of creating metadata in the form of labels for text data.
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Transcription is used to help train and validate algorithms depending on the type of solution being built.
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