Earlier this year, we released the Path to AI Maturity 2024, our research report detailing the findings from our third annual study on the state of artificial intelligence (AI) maturity in the enterprise. This year, 72% of U.S.-based organizations state they have reached the three highest levels of AI maturity as defined by Garther’s AI maturity model. Companies are rapidly moving out of the experimentation stage to the production phase where they are generating a positive return on their investments.

Risk management is currently the lead driver of AI strategies in the enterprise, but organizations also see AI as a means to being more agile, driving differentiation, and managing their operational performance, among other objectives.

The types of AI applications deployed in the enterprise vary from search engines to speech and voice recognition to computer vision, demonstrating the wide applicability of the technology.

These and many other insights can be found in our Path to AI Maturity 2024 report.

In our new report on the ROI of training data, you’ll learn how enterprise organizations evaluate their training data investments, and how this varies by stage of AI maturity. You’ll discover how training data is sourced and the various roles that data service providers play in building AI data pipelines.

The survey included responses from 322 senior decision-makers at US organizations with at least $100 million in annual revenue and more than 500 employees. More than half of respondents were from the C-Suite and all those who took part had verified AI experience. To review the full findings, download The ROI of High-Quality AI Training Data 2024 here.