One year ago today, things changed a lot for LXT. We launched a new name, a new logo and a new website. But the remarkable thing is what we had already achieved in the market to date, and what we set out to do next. 

When we introduced the LXT brand publicly for the first time last August, the company had already racked up over ten years of AI data experience providing exclusive high-volume, high-quality service to a top three global tech giant – a relationship that saw consistent year-on-year growth built on a strong foundation of trust and customer satisfaction.

In updating the company brand and image, we wanted to not only acknowledge the achievements, capabilities and motivations of our team, but to signal the next chapter in our business. We had already built a successful business by providing the high-quality data needed to develop sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Yet we set our sights on even greater milestones.

We had partnered with some of the largest companies in the world, but we wanted to expand our ecosystem of corporate customers with the ability to transform experiences for even larger audiences worldwide. Intelligent tech, when used in the right way and enabled by AI, can improve lives in innumerable ways. Our focus will always be on our customers and what we can help them achieve.

In the past year, we have provided the essential datasets for both new and longtime customers to roll out highly valuable solutions. These include a remote visual assessment tool for insurance providers, an intelligent virtual assistant for classroom teachers, and an automated transcription service that provides a record of important conversations and high-level meetings in dozens of languages.

To meet increasingly strong demand for our data collection and annotation services, we have expanded our secure facilities and workforce globally. LXT now operates five facilities in strategic locations to provide secure annotation and transcription across a range of languages, with more to be added based on specific regional demands. For example, we have added additional facilities in Canada to support the growing demand for data to train applications in Canadian French.

LXT is currently hiring for meaningful new job opportunities in Montreal, Toronto and other cities throughout the world, and has more than 600 team members across six countries as well as a global crowd workforce of 100,000 and counting.

Another exciting development in 2022 was the launch of our first proprietary research report, The Path to AI Maturity. LXT, in partnership with research firm Reputation Leaders, commissioned a survey of 200 senior executives (two-thirds C-suite) with AI experience at mid-to-large US organizations (with annual revenue of over $100 million and more than 500 employees). The report highlights the growing demand for AI training data across organizations of all sizes and industries. 

Throughout the process, we had the opportunity to engage with journalists, analysts and other industry thought leaders and our intention is to continue this reporting annually, with the goal of helping to facilitate the maturation of AI solutions across industries and regions.

In the years to come, we will continue to believe in the power of technology to change lives, and the importance of putting people first. Our primary business focus will be on our customers, and helping them to achieve their goals through truly global, high-quality AI training data that prepares new applications and solutions to be effective in the world, no matter what culture they serve or language they speak.

Our evolution continues on, and we hope that you will join us for the journey.