Your AI can change the world.
Our training data can power that transformation.

AI requires data

AI requires data, the essential ingredient to build. But raw materials will only get you so far. You need something more refined—something with insight.


Every type of data to fuel any project

The biggest names in AI trust us—time and time again—because we eat, sleep, and breathe data. Our technology and worldwide network can generate, annotate, and enhance data in any modality, for any language. This allows us to create customized, meaningful training datasets at scale in a fraction of the time.

Generation & collection - AI Data

Generation & collection

Need training data to feed your algorithms? Just let us know what—anything is possible. Our network allows us to generate data anywhere in the world. We’ll tailor what we collect to your requirements and rapidly bring it up to scale.

Learn more about our data collection services.

Annotation & Enhancement - AI Data

Annotation & enhancement

The world’s a big place. That’s why we’ve recruited skilled annotators around the globe to get you the highest-quality tagged and structured assemblages. Whether you need human insight into speech, emotion, images, or anything else, our training data services provide you with useful data to feed your models.

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Solution design - AI Data

Solution design

Ready to build your own team or tackle projects in-house? We’ll use our technology and expertise to design, build, and manage personnel that fit your unique goals. We’ll show you the fastest, most cost-effective way to achieve your vision.
Technology - AI Data


Our secure platform delivers high-quality data by facilitating human insight to improve accuracy. It’s intuitive design streamlines workflow to reduce costs and optimize turnaround times. We’ve developed our tech for better AI annotation. You reap the results.
Secure Facilities

Secure Facilities

The most sensitive data requires extra layers of security. In order to meet the most stringent security requirements, our facilities are ISO 27001 certified and PCI DSS compliant, and offer supervised annotation within a secure facility to safeguard your data.

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On-site deployment

On-site deployment

If your data can’t leave your facility, we’ll come to you. Our experts will train and work alongside your team, implementing solutions that integrate with your existing infrastructure.


Our technology and solutions are GDPR, PCI-DSS, OWASP Top Ten and HIPAA compliant, as well as ISO 27001 certified. LXT’s solutions are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption, while maintaining flexibility and a fluid user interface.

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