Case study

Enhancing software language support for a global technology leader through data collection

Data collection in



Program expanded to


the original
number of languages

Delivery in 6 months


than scheduled


A top 10 global technology company wanted to extend support for its keyboard to multiple countries to drive customer adoption. To achieve this, the keyboard needed to support a large variety of languages and dialects, including rare languages that are only spoken by a few thousand people. As reaching native speakers of these languages is very difficult to achieve at scale, the company turned to LXT to develop a data collection program that would enhance its keyboard for users all around the world.


The company chose LXT for this initiative based on its reputation as a flexible partner with a strong track record of delivering high-quality data, particularly for specialized projects such as this one. The initial scope involved collecting data in almost 60 languages.

The program was divided into three parts. First, freelancers were provided with thousands of sentences to translate into their native language, and a thorough review process was established to ensure quality translations. Next, each freelancer was asked to answer a survey of common questions in their native language. This phase also included highlighting any offensive words so that the keyboard would be trained to block them. Finally, each freelancer was asked to translate hundreds of words into their native language. The client provided the inputs, and LXT managed the entire process of developing the guidelines, recruiting the program participants, ensuring that freelancers completed their tasks on time, and reviewing the data for accuracy.


Within the first two months of the project, the client was so impressed with the data quality that they quickly expanded the scope of the program to include a total of 120 languages and dialects. The original timeline to complete the program was scoped for twelve months, however LXT was able to deliver the entirety of the required data for all 120 languages within just six months while maintaining the highest quality standards. This demonstrates the company’s unique ability to scale quickly to meet the needs of its clients and accelerate their go to market plans. Overall, the client was thrilled with LXT’s ability to cover so many languages and achieve such high-quality results in record time.