It’s been a busy start to the year at LXT. If you’ve visited our website before, you’re likely seeing something wholly new. Today, we launched a new website, the culmination of a long process of reimagining our brand as LXT continues to expand.

Companies are always excited when they refine their brand and launch a new site. Those on the outside? Often, not as much. But this rebrand is as much about you as it is about us. I’d like to take a moment to explain what this new chapter means for our clients, partners, crowd, and employees. Before we get there, I’ll give you a brief peek behind the door at the ethos that drove this process.

Over the past 11 years, we’ve grown substantially, expanding our global crowd, capacity, and capabilities. But our belief in the possibility of intelligent tech and commitment to putting people first have been with us since the beginning. It was time that we expressed who we are and why we do what we do.

We believe wholeheartedly in the ability of intelligent tech to benefit humanity. AI/ML applications hold the possibility to transform our collective existence, beyond what we’d even imagined just a short time ago. Over the past decade, the pace of AI has accelerated at previously unseen speeds. What we’ve seen until now is just a small twinkle in the sky—a distant star. We’re about to witness a whole new galaxy.

The data that underpins AI is complex. It’s needed at incredible volumes from locations and cultures that span the globe. Data, in and of itself, isn’t sexy. But it’s the essential ingredient that drives the development of the technology that transforms lives. It holds the possibility to build intelligent tech that will free people from the mundane, improve our collective existence, and propel us into a future of endless possibility. That, ultimately, is what we strive to do at LXT.

We wanted our brand to reflect that. If you’ve noticed our new mark, it’s our visual representation of that ethos. The marriage of the natural world and tech. The symbolic transformation of raw data to meaningful data, of a totally new world. The caterpillar turns to butterfly. The old world gives birth to a new future, driven by data, expressed in AI.

To our crowd, team, and clients

We’re committed to providing the highest quality data, for any project, in any modality, anywhere on Earth.

What we do is made possible by the incredible contributions of our crowd, who represent the locations, languages, and cultures that make the world such an amazing place. We’ve always been dedicated to creating an atmosphere—backed by equitable compensation and respect—where our annotators can thrive. Much of our leadership team cut their teeth as freelancers. We understand the benefits as well as the difficulties. We promise that as we grow and expand, our appreciation and support for you won’t change. We won’t forget where we came from.

For our clients, this new website more fully explains the scope of what we can deliver and our expanded capabilities. We understand that your AI is only as good as the data that feeds it. It’s your raw material to transform. By refining data from unorganized opaqueness into something decipherable, we provide you the seed of transformation that grows the technology of tomorrow.

We’re committed to providing the highest quality data, for any project, in any modality, anywhere on Earth. We’ve been working with the biggest names in AI for over a decade now, as well as smaller startups. We understand that every project has unique requirements.

The new brand may look different; it may sound a bit different. But if you’ve worked with us before, the quality, speed, and scalability will remain unchanged, even as we offer new services. If you’re new to us, we promise that isn’t marketing language created by someone who thought it would sound nice. It’s what drives us every day and how we’ve made our mark on the world.

We’re incredibly excited to see what AI innovators do next. It will change our lives, just as it will change yours. If you’re a part of LXT—as a part of our crowd or team—we want you to know that what you do is helping drive that change. That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.