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Using global linguistic, cultural, and technological expertise, we create high-quality datasets tailored to your needs. Whether it's customized collection or annotation, we provide meaningful data to propel AI/ML applications.

Any project. Any modality. Anywhere.

Today’s intelligent tech requires massive amounts of data. But not all data is the same. Our technology and global crowd of annotators provide high-quality data, allowing us to tackle any project with agility and speed, giving you the essential ingredient to power tomorrow’s tech.

Our services

Data Collection

Get large volumes of data fast across multiple data types, including speech, text, image, and video.
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Data Annotation

High-quality labels create the data needed to accurately train your machine learning models.
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Data Transcription

Convert audio, image and video content into highly accurate text for speech-to-text and computer vision solutions.
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Why LXT?

Global expertise
Human insight for data in any language, with capacity that spans the globe.
Unwavering quality
The biggest names in AI have trusted us to deliver highly reliable data since 2014.
Uncompromising agility
AI is rapidly advancing. Our network and tech are constantly evolving to stay ahead.
Empowered innovation
Tomorrow’s tech can empower humanity. We’re here to help make that happen.


Revolutionize your AI

Building transformational applications? Then you need reliable, high-quality data. Just let us know what your project requires and we’ll build a solution specific to your needs.


We customize tools and train teams to ensure you get the most relevant, highest-quality data.


Whether generating data where it doesn’t yet exist or turning a pixel into a full picture, we can achieve it.


We consistently beat industry-average turnaround times, without compromising on quality. It’s a habit.

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