Meet LXT contributor
Kurniawan M.

At LXT, our contributors are part of our global community that helps improve AI solutions for our customers around the world. Want to learn more about what it’s like to work for us? Keep reading to get a view into the contributor experience from Kurniawan M. who has been working with us since 2017.

Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

I am from Bandung, Indonesia and have been living here for the past 12 years. I am a Javanese native who moved to Bandung from Semarang in 2009. I would describe myself as a family man who loves spending time with my three children, especially playing with my youngest daughter who is three and a half years old. Even when I am working I manage to spend time with her as this is a big priority for me.

Why did you decide to look for remote work?

Before deciding to move into remote work, I had spent ten years working in an office environment. Having children made me realize that I wanted to spend more time at home so I could be there to have more influence over their upbringing. It is extremely important to me that they grow up to be good people. In today’s world with so much access to information and exposure to other cultures, I feel a strong need to be available to my children to discuss what they may be seeing online in real time and to explain cultural differences.

How did you find out about LXT?

I learned about the company from a college friend who had been freelancing for LXT since 2012, and he referred me to the company. I started out as a transcriber for Indonesian and have since moved on to other roles at LXT with more responsibility.

Why did you decide to work for LXT?

Before working for LXT I was an English teacher for an international English course. I loved teaching but spending more time with my children while maintaining a career was a priority for me. Working for LXT allows me to do that, and that means a lot to me. I am so happy that I found LXT and made the decision to move to remote work.

What is the best part of the job?

I am fortunate to have a great manager at LXT. Over the course of my career I have had several managers, but haven’t had as much direct contact with them compared with my manager at LXT. He is very organized and is also a kind person, so he is great to work with. Working at LXT has also broadened my experience; I have opportunities to work with people from around the world which has been very fulfilling. I never imagined that I would have a job like this that gives me so much flexibility to spend time with my family and is at the same time so rewarding.

What tips do you have for people who are considering working with LXT?

Just do it! Nothing should keep you from working for LXT. It really is one of the best places to work. The people are very kind and professional. They are also quick to resolve any issues that may arise. I highly recommend them!


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