Earlier this year, we released The Path to AI Maturity, a report detailing the findings from our second annual study on the state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) maturity within US organizations today. Our report highlighted that 48% of US enterprises have reached the higher stages of AI maturity, which means they have moved from the theoretical and experimentation phases to seeing tangible results and return on investment for AI. 

This represents an 8% shift in AI maturity compared to last year, with an increased number of organizations moving from pilot to production-level AI.

Despite current economic challenges, investment in AI continues to be strong, with 49% of companies investing $76M or more. And the types of AI applications that are being deployed range widely, from Computer Vision to Augmented Reality, with the largest focus being on natural language processing (NLP), speech/voice Recognition and conversational AI (CAI). This finding we now realize was a signal of what would lead to the generative AI frenzy we are witnessing today.

Insights from our new report

Our new report, The ROI of High-Quality AI Training Data 2023, provides highlights from The Path to AI Maturity 2023 report as context, as well as additional findings from the research that are specific to training data for AI. These insights include how organizations measure the impact of quality training data, and how this changes as their AI programs mature. Organizations at all levels of AI maturity are investing in high-quality training data as they understand the importance of their data pipeline to the success of their AI initiatives.

The survey included responses from 315 senior decision-makers at US organizations with at least $100 million in annual revenue and more than 500 employees. 46% of respondents were from the C-Suite and all those who took part had verified AI experience. To review the full findings, download The ROI of High-Quality AI Training Data 2023 here.